Social Media & Mobile Marketing – A Seamless Integration

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Social media has grown exponentially strong in past 2 years and more so over Mobile. Over 33 million Indians flock twitter, 62 million Indians access Facebook over mobile phones and more than 100 million users are enjoying Internet over mobile.


Growing strong on Mobile
Interestingly, a mobile user spends about 65% of time spent posting photos, using maps, playing games, sharing content, blogging and reading over social media platforms. As mobile phone has made it easier for all to share and consume data on the move, that’s exactly where opportunity lies for Businesses, Brands and Enterprises to reach their target consumers. Needless to say, Mobile marketing is the key to unlock this potential reach.

Mobile Marketing – Its much more than what you think!
Let’s have a clear understanding of the term ‘Mobile marketing’ – It’s absolutely not about selling your products or services over mobile, Instead it’s about offering a warm experience of…

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News: British Museum rolls out augmented reality games

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British Museum

The British Museum has just launched a new app that sees its artefacts come to life with the help of a new AR app. The technology, developed by technology firm Gamar, triggers interactive, augmented reality gaming experiences that are played through smartphones and tablets and are set to make the museum experience more engaging and interactive.

The software has been developed to enhance the museum-going experience by ‘gamifying’ the learning experience, making it particularly interested to younger museum-goers. The technology allows visitors to superimpose graphics over what they see through the lens of their device so youngsters not only learn about the stories and history behind exhibits, but are also challenged with problem solving games.

Chris Michaels, Head of Digital Media and Publishing at the British Museum, said: “Apps like those produced by Gamar allow a different kind of learning experience whilst remaining rooted in the power of objects to…

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Altimeter Group + Facebook Report: Why Mobile is Essential for Brand Marketing

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Digital Media, Mobile Time SpentCompanies that treat mobile as the “first screen” today will be better prepared for tomorrow’s consumers. Mobile is no longer a luxury; it’s table stakes for connecting with your digital customer. It enables right-time, real-time relevancy in brand messaging and promotion, opening up a world of possibilities to the savvy marketer who invests in understanding the mobile, and digital, customer journey.

Facebook commissioned Altimeter Group’s Rebecca Lieb, analyst, and I to explore the growth and evolution of mobile branding and advertising as viable means to reach customers in new ways, on their terms. You can read the report below, and check out Facebook’s interview with Rebecca on its news blog.

[1] comScore Major Mobile Milestones in May: Apps Now Drive Half of All Time Spent on Digital June 25, 2014. United States.

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How to Instantly Get More Comments, Shares and Plus Ones on Google Plus

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When used correctly Google Plus can be a great place to market your services and build brand awareness. The key to Google Plus success like any other social network is to increase engagement with your community, that’s what helps your profile and ultimately your business to grow.

For tips on how to increase your Google Plus engagement (comments, shares and plus ones) take a look at this infographic from Circle Count.

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43 Penguin Friendly SEO Tips for Page One Google Rankings

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Have you heard of the Google Penguin?

Before you ask this isn’t a Google mascot we’re on about, it’s the code name for one of their spam fighting algorithms. It helps decide which websites are worthy of being on the first page of Google.

To stay on the right side of the adorable creature and help lift your website up the rankings you need to follow the 43 tips in this infographic we’ve put together.

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How to surprise people at a bus stop

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Augmented reality gives physical world a virtual dimension

Physical objects are often static and dumb, offering little interactivity to the curious observer. Which is why the potential of augmented reality (AR) – virtual enhancement of the physical – is getting business excited. Retailers, advertisers and industry are all now using the technology, which overlays computer-generated content – video, graphics, text, sound or GPS data – on to real-world images captured by smartphones, tablets and hi-tech glasses. The results can sometimes be startling. Pepsi Max’s recent “Unbelievable” ad campaign, devised by agency AMV BBDO, made people waiting at a bus stop think they were seeing marauding giant robots, charging tigers and flying saucers in the street beyond. The trick was achieved by rigging up a bus shelter in London’s Oxford Street with a full HD screen and a camera on the opposite side to create a see-through effect. ….[READ]

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