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CES 2015: BlackBerry Unveils IoT Platform, Device Prices on AT&T, Momentum for BBM and New Smartwatch App (Pictures)

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At CES 2015 in Las Vegas on Wednesday, BlackBerry officially unveiled its Internet of Things platform, while showing off a powerful, cutting-edge example of an IoT healthcare device built using our technology.

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BlackBerry President for Devices and Emerging Solutions, Ron Louks (left) announced pricing and the coming availability of its BlackBerry Classic and Passport smartphones on our long-standing carrier partner in the U.S., AT&T.

The BlackBerry Passport and Classic will cost $199 and $49.99, respectively, on 2-year contracts, but even less upfront through the AT&T Next financing programs. See more pictures of the AT&T devices and read more here.

Finally, BlackBerry also touted the strong growth of its long-popular BBM messaging app, especially among iPhone and Android users, and showed off a new version that runs on Android Wear smartwatches.

Read “It’s BBM Time” to learn more about the app and see a picture of it running…

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Don’t Take Mobile Marketing for Granted in 2015

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With the New Year off and running, what are some of your goals as a business owner? If mobile marketing is not on your New Year’s resolution list, rework that list pronto.


As more and more business owner are discovering over time, mobile marketing can and should play a key role in one’s business plans. Not only does it mean more eyes are checking out one’s brand, but it also opens up the door for increased streams of revenue.

So, where do you start when it comes to mobile marketing?

Have a Game Plan in Place

First and foremost, if you are not up to speed on mobile marketing and all it can offer your company, set aside time to learn the ins and outs of it.

For those who are not tuned-in to mobile marketing, this form of marketing your brand and making more sales is beneficial for the…

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Social Media Trendsetting – How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

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social media strategy

Part of being a business owner is understanding trends to stay ahead of the curve.  For us, and other wedding professionals alike, it’s important to understand the mindset of the typical engaged wedding couple.

It’s pretty obvious that there are 2 shifts that must be acknowledged and acted upon by every wedding professional: mobile marketing and social media platform shift.  Let’s take a closer look at those two trends, and what wedding professionals should do to stay in front of their audience.

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Medical virtual reality

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Shape the future of medicine at the Exponential Medicine Conference, November 9-12

In the last century, breakthroughs in modern medicine have driven big gains in quality and length of life. Antibiotics, immunization, imaging and radiology, complex surgery, minimally invasive surgery—and more. It’s a long, impressive list. But what will the next hundred years bring? exponential-medicine-5The US spends some 18% of gross domestic product on healthcare and yet ranks last on a list of 17 developed countries by outcome. We face an increasing shortage of providers even as the healthcare burden and number of covered Americans is set to grow. The challenges ahead appear daunting—but there’s reason to believe we can find powerful solutions, perhaps even sooner than imagined. The technological tools at our disposal are advancing as fast or faster than the problems they aim to solve. Many technologies are developing at an exponential pace. ….[READ]

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3D Printed car in 44 hours

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At the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, Local Motors 3D printed a plastic car called the Strati in front of thousands of attendees. Local Motors took the chassis, seats, door panels, and thousands of other components, and 3D printed all those parts into just one piece. The first phase…took just 44 hours.

“A 3D printed car like ours will only have dozens of components,” Local Motors engineer James Earle tells Business Insider. In the near future, he says, it could cost only about $7,000 to manufacture, perhaps the start of what will become a niche market for customized cars.

“You can make a vehicle for yourself that’s basically a one-0ff, do the entire design,” he says. “You could create custom-fit seats that conform to your shape, things like that, that you couldn’t do with cars now.” Read More

Watch video at: http://www.businessinsider.com/3d-printed-car-2014-9#ooid=1zaW42cDpm1p5qLK5xEPpd9sellxLs_R

From Business Insider 14 September, by Will…

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Growing Trends of Mobile Advertising in America

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Term of Advertising:

Advertising is the term that means to spreading business and approaching the targeted customer. Mobile marketing or advertising is one of the medium to do so. Apart from the other continental country, mobile advertising in America becoming the most successful process in advertising industry.


Means of advertising in America:

Mobile advertising finds some new process to give the business & ad campaigns a high in this sector. There are several companies, who use the internet market, social networks. But these are not so popular in Russian internet heads that till the date they don’t pay the attention to mobile advertising in this manner. Now some of the companies launched and are launching some mobile app to install and use to promote the advertising among the mass. This way they managed to get & hold the desired customer. This is now gradually changing the way of…

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