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Augmented Reality Apps for 3D Modeled Car and Real Estate

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality Blog

With the advent of technological innovation and advancement, we are now able to visualize the 3D model on our smartphone, Tablets. The cutting-edge technology allows user to have a great digital experience with print media. Using Augmented Reality technology, BMW had made their printed car models live in front of user in 3 Dimensional space.

Augmented Reality presents 3D view with additional digital information supplemented with videos, photos, sounds on top of items. BMW Augmented Reality app uses a giant marker to visualize the 3D model of the car featuring all ins and outs. The 3D model of a car can be further simulated in different colors and designs. When your phone camera placed over the magic symbol it generates an augmented 3D view of BMW on your smart-phone screen.  Adstuck has made print media live on your smartphone with the help of amazing software.

Augmented reality 3d modelParas Buildtech India Pvt…

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The Value of Testimonials via @MetrorecWW


  • Nothing can be more effective for any business than featuring the comments of a business partner or a client satisfied with the delivery of their services.
  • Nothing communicates and describes better the quality of your offered solutions.
  • The words of clients and candidates who have experienced your service delivery, the comments of a business partner or the feedback of a satisfied client are certainly the most valuable promotion/appreciation of your business efforts.

PR & Marketing tools and plans are and have to be definitely included in any company’s strategic management group, but a Testimonial is something impressive, attractive and reliable. It is a FACT.

So our advice… Get testimonials from the people who have successfully used your services … THEY ARE Priceless and FREE!

We are proud to list here below some of the testimonials received by both clients and candidates.

“During all the process, Metrorec recruiters have been very professionnal in his approach. The contact was permanent with him and I can say that he has been a great partner in the negotiation with the company to reach my aims. Finally I just can say that I strongly recommend him for your queries or job requests.”

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Hiring Manager Global Software Vendor

“A CV is a candidate’s greatest selling tool but the effectiveness of that tool is negated if its not in the hands of a great recruiter. I’ve rarely come across recruiters who research their prospects before a pitch. My experience tells me that Metrorec Recruiters spend time understanding the needs of both the candidate and the client prior to making their pitch. Highly competent and very dependable. When deciding to leave the construction industry after almost 13 years Metrorec supported that transition. They are definitely a rare find in the recruitment industry. I strongly recommend them to anybody looking either for a career opportunity or a good candidate.”

Satisfied Candidate 

“I am very happy with the placement and Metrorec’s liason in getting me the role.
The job has worked out very well and they are in the process of relocating me AND my family to the U.S for a couple of years. In taking the role I also received a substantial pay rise, so its been great for me.

Thanks Metrorec!!!”

Happy Candidate and Family

“We often have a very difficult requirement as a client, such as the need to find excellent people in hard to source EMEA locations such as Lisbon, Prague and Dubai. Because of this, many recruiters tend not to make our jobs a high priority and I can confirm that Metrorec did not only find great people for our business in hard to source locations, they literally ran campaigns for us as a priority until the jobs were all filled.”

Very happy Head of Marketing – European Branch Software Vendor 

“The last search you did for us, you’ve provided me with a good list of qualified candidates for the job, and it resulted in us hiring the sales rep for the finance territory. (Who is doing great by the way)

I won’t hesitate in using Metrorec for any searches we want to do in the future.”

Satisfied Corporate Customer 

Dear Metrorec, we would like to thank you for all your efforts. We send you this endorsement without request but as a testament to your achievements in filling our jobs in the UK, France, Italy and Germany and we know we can count on you to go the extra mile in the future which is very important as we have a concerted recruitment drive in both Q2 and Q3.”

Satisfied EMEA Customer 


Metaio & Audi AG Release Interactive Augmented Reality Manual

Metaio & Audi AG Release Interactive Augmented Reality Manual for Audi A3


Metaio & Audi AG Release Interactive Augmented Reality Manual



“Experience the range of functions your Audi has to offer in a new dimension with the help of augmented reality. The Audi eKurzinfo app helps you learn and understand more about your vehicle.
This application is currently only available for the Audi A1, Audi A3 and Audi S3 (from model year 2012 onwards).”

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What do you want to know about @Apparmo?

What do you want to know about @Apparmo?


What would you like to know about Apparmo?


Are you just a ‘consultancy’ firm?​

Certainly not. We primarily create and deliver product.

We lead with consultancy because Mobile Marketing is still a ‘virgin’ market.

UK direct mail spending was circa £1.7bn in 2012 and declining. Mobile marketing spend in the UK was £230M in 2011 and £580M in 2012.

It’s worth noting that Augmented Reality can significantly enhance the sometimes mundane and often unappreciated direct mail and printed press media by bringing to life the articles, adverts, images and logos contained within them via mobile device triggered AR apps like Apparmo’s Yo2mo Window and our upcoming KlipAR.

With over 30 million smartphone users in the UK and growing, mobile marketing will soon replace direct mail as the most targeted & measurable medium for brand promotion, yet over 70% of large companies dont yet have a mobile strategy. Thats why…

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Augmented Reality Furniture and Architecture by @Apparmo

Augmented Reality Furniture and Architecture by @Apparmo


Apparmo and its partner ViewAR  present these Augmented Reality solutions for the furniture business and architecture.

Watch the videos below, for cool examples of how to make it light, easy and fun to play around with spaces and objects.



“Enables you to build object and configure materials. You can then project your custom object into your room.”


“This App allows you to try furniture items in your personal apartment and see how items would fit into the environment, in many locations, without the physical strain!”


“The coolest way to show an apartment using a printed floor plan (used as high quality marker sample).”




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Verses In Motion eBook Cover #AR Demo by @Apparmo

Verses In Motion eBook Cover #AR Demo by @Apparmo


(Introduction by @LauraLME Founder of @VersesInMotion

This is Apparmo’s definition of AR as literally taken off their website:

​”Augmented Reality is the merging of real-time, real life images with digital content (like a video clip or 3D animation) usually experienced via a smart device camera using a mobile app like Apparmo’s Yo2mo Window & our new product soon-to-be-launched KlipAR.” 

If you’re a visual artist, photographer, writer, author, poet, (indie or not) publisher you will notice the similarities and/or metaphors that can be generated by such a description.

As an author (writer/poet), art lover and media passionate individual myself, I see the poetic side of AR and at the same time its amazing impact as a unique marketing tool.

Imagine the creative process of an artist, often starting from real life images-experiences, developing in a turmoil of heart and soul waves, mixed with dreamy influences, colours, shapes and “3D” emotions… Picture that…

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