What do you want to know about @Apparmo?

What do you want to know about @Apparmo?


What would you like to know about Apparmo?


Are you just a ‘consultancy’ firm?​

Certainly not. We primarily create and deliver product.

We lead with consultancy because Mobile Marketing is still a ‘virgin’ market.

UK direct mail spending was circa £1.7bn in 2012 and declining. Mobile marketing spend in the UK was £230M in 2011 and £580M in 2012.

It’s worth noting that Augmented Reality can significantly enhance the sometimes mundane and often unappreciated direct mail and printed press media by bringing to life the articles, adverts, images and logos contained within them via mobile device triggered AR apps like Apparmo’s Yo2mo Window and our upcoming KlipAR.

With over 30 million smartphone users in the UK and growing, mobile marketing will soon replace direct mail as the most targeted & measurable medium for brand promotion, yet over 70% of large companies dont yet have a mobile strategy. Thats why…

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