Augmented Reality Apps for 3D Modeled Car and Real Estate

Augmented Reality Apps

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With the advent of technological innovation and advancement, we are now able to visualize the 3D model on our smartphone, Tablets. The cutting-edge technology allows user to have a great digital experience with print media. Using Augmented Reality technology, BMW had made their printed car models live in front of user in 3 Dimensional space.

Augmented Reality presents 3D view with additional digital information supplemented with videos, photos, sounds on top of items. BMW Augmented Reality app uses a giant marker to visualize the 3D model of the car featuring all ins and outs. The 3D model of a car can be further simulated in different colors and designs. When your phone camera placed over the magic symbol it generates an augmented 3D view of BMW on your smart-phone screen.  Adstuck has made print media live on your smartphone with the help of amazing software.

Augmented reality 3d modelParas Buildtech India Pvt…

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