VIM Radio Show 10/6 – 3PM EST on @YDM_Network

VIM radio Show logo aug 2013

Verses In Motion Radio (VIM) Show: Sunday 6th Oct at 3 PM EST 


 @YDM_Network Hosted by EDubb and LauraLME 

Join the  FB Event 

#poetry #indie #artists #technology #science #AugmentedReality #music 


Leisa Greene Leisa Greene   Founder of Indie IT Press     IndieItPressLogo1


Matthew Faerber lab-some-fancy-night (2)-1 

Coordinator of the VisLab  IMG_0524

NC Museum of Natural Sciences    footer-logo


Andres Jaramillo  Andres Jaramillo     

Co-founder of ARwerks  AR_werks-01-1

Closing the Show: #poetry in #music by Verses In Music 

Verses In Motion poetry by LauraLME, Music by Cass Ferre, produced by Tom Cloverfield 

cover-album-absolute-gravity-versesinmusic-24ep Absolute Gravity EP – Ultrasonic Music Germany 

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