Augmented Reality and Publishing: w/ KlipAR

VIM new cover for AR APP   This is a wonderful image by photographer Anna Simi, included in the poetry collection Verses In Motion (by @LauraLME (c) 2012 ~ VIM Media Publishing out on Amazon Kindle and iTunes ).

It is one of the many beautiful photos matched with the author’s poems and included in the e-book. It definitely gives the idea of movement and expresses wonderfully the concept of dance or dancing as an art form, following the waves of words of the verses matched with it, Dancing.

Now, watch the video here below… See the same image and poem come to life in the AR demo realised by Apparmo using their newest AR App “KlipAR”.

Words, music (“Riflessi” by @PoeticBeatz, lyrics by @LauraLME, Music by @TomCloverfield) and more images from the e-book, take you through a wonderful journey of revelations, where you get to experience the atmosphere and the depth of the whole poetry collection in just a minute and in cool Augmented Reality mode.

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(Introduction by @LauraLME Founder of @VersesInMotion

This is Apparmo’s definition of AR as literally taken off their website:

​”Augmented Reality is the merging of real-time, real life images with digital content (like a video clip or 3D animation) usually experienced via a smart device camera using a mobile app like Apparmo’s Yo2mo Window & our new product soon-to-be-launched KlipAR.” 

If you’re a visual artist, photographer, writer, author, poet, (indie or not) publisher you will notice the similarities and/or metaphors that can be generated by such a description.

As an author (writer/poet), art lover and media passionate individual myself, I see the poetic side of AR and at the same time its amazing impact as a unique marketing tool.

Imagine the creative process of an artist, often starting from real life images-experiences, developing in a turmoil of heart and soul waves, mixed with dreamy influences, colours, shapes and “3D” emotions… Picture that moment in time, when immersed in creation, we feel that complete sense of achievement. That inspiration/idea comes to life and becomes an eternal “link” with our artistic vibes, culminating in the moment we share our creation with the world!

That’s how I felt when I saw this video for the first time, my eBook cover becoming a video trailer, connecting to my website, my Amazon page, my poems! Every aspect of my marketing efforts as an indie poet/publisher/author concentrated in one App, taking life with music (PoeticBeatz track “Riflessi”) and images (Photography by Anna Simi).

LauraLME, Verses In Motion, PoeticBeatz and Anna Simi thank The Apparmo Team

Check out this video: 

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