KlipAR by @ApparmoAR – #AugmentedReality App



KlipAR –  the quickest AR app?


Apparmo’s latest AR app KlipAR is up to 5 times faster to load and launch than other well known augmented reality apps.

Smart device users want instant response from their mobile apps and KlipAR provides just that, ensuring your AR advertising keeps your audience fully engaged.

KlipAR is available free on the AppStore for iphones and ipads and on the Google Play Store for all android devices.

Apparmo create AR advertising for your customers.      

We can use KlipAR or  build you a fully branded version of our AR app.

How to access and use KlipAR augmented reality app

Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Download and Install the free KlipAR application onto your smartphone:

a. For iPhones & iPads use the Apple iTunes Apps Store.


b. For Android phones & tablets use the Google Play Store


2. Ensure your smartphone is not muted as audio is included

3. Ensure that you have good…

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