Augmented Reality invades Springfield: The Simpsons and “Oogle Goggles”


Homer Simpsonwears a set of the ‘Oogle Goggles’ in this new hilarious episode of the show entitled, – Specs And The City – and gives a a great performance as a tech enthusiast. His innocence towards the world and his renown food addiction, become a great source of entertainment, giving the public a new view of augmented reality, from an angle of funny cartoony sitcom scenes.

Homer gets to an extreme, reckless use of the “AR Goggles” device and ends up discovering Mr Burns’ plot to invade everyone’s privacy. Fascinated by the powerful spying tool, Homer turns into a spy himself for a while and starts following Marge’s every move, only to realise that love and respect have got nothing to do with breaking privacy boundaries.

The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 11 – Specs and the City | The Simpsons 25×11.


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