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Mobile: The future of marketing


Reasons and methods for using virtual environments

LAVREB Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior


5 tips for video tutorials and 3D simulations

In 1911, Arthur Brisbane’s quote “a picture is worth thousand words” appeared in a newspaper article.Today more than 100 years later, everyone has the means to show pictures at rates of 60 per second and magnify the value of their communication. The readily accessible means to communicate our ideas with video images is one of our greatest resources. Video images, like water, flow through our daily lives, conveying historic, entertaining, and sometimes life-saving information. This visual and aural stream enables us to absorb and visualize concepts with greater speed, capacity and understanding. If you have a need to explain a complex idea visually in a short amount of time, then you are probably thinking about making a video tutorial. Virtual environments are great places to make a video tutorial or video-based 3D simulation. ….[READ]

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AR endless possibilities: KlipAR by @ApparmoAR


Download KlipAR,  the  new Apparmo AR app & experience Augmented Reality and its endless possibilities for promoting your brand.


Connect with us!  Join our web community ! We really value your feedback. If you’re seeking a mobile solution that you haven’t seen on our site, let us know… We can usually source it for you!

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With KlipAR you can enjoy the AR solutions by @ApparmoAR 

Check out some of our New Projects 

London Boat Show 2014 (Demo)

London Boat Show 2014 (Sunseeker Demo)

130D Testimonial (Demo)

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Techie 4 Teachers

The beauty of this little gadget is that not only does it supply hours of various gaming, it also includes augmented reality. Check out their website for more information as well as additional information on the games that are available.

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What is Sphero?

Coming Soon…

Sphero 2B takes on a new form factor, drives like it’s from the future, comes with interchangeable parts like tires and hubcaps for different terrain, and will launch with accessories for advanced gameplay. Powered with AI Superdrive capabilities, 2B is unreasonably fast and maneuverable. With only two points of contact, 2B can turn on a dime, launch off steep inclines, and tumble unlike anything you’ve seen.

Sphero 2B is also made for open play and is designed to inspire future inventors like Sphero’s young co-founders. And just like Sphero Original, Sphero 2B offers awesome new ways to play. Not just with its driving, programming, and…

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Portraiture & Augmented Relationships

Napo B "Live"

This interactive work using LAYAR technology is a treasure hunt, a scrapbook, an autobiographical self-portrait told through the objects. It’s a portal, a performance piece, an ongoing narrative. All inanimate objects, like people, have a narrative and call out to tell their story.

In the first body of New Portraiture photographs from 2002, my approach was simply to take photographs of people I knew with the objects that they felt would best represent them or an aspect of themselves. I re-assembled these into portraits of people AS their objects. Then I wanted to rethink this approach and process.

I have waited for AR technology to be easily available to expand and amp up the narrative in these digital portraits. This an experiment in expanding a new narrative.

In August of 2013, I started photographing and cataloguing over two hundred objects, that have significance to me; which were pared down to…

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AR Music APP Enchantium by Daqri – Knowledge You Can See, Hear, + Touch


This is the music portion of the latest AR app from Daqri called Enchantium . It features an AR trigger that you can print out. Once you scan this AR trigger each of the three musical cups emits unique sounds. You can compose different sounds by touching the iPad in various ways. This app is important for STEAM education K-12. You could use it to teach music to elementary students. However, I am going to use it in a high school physics lesson this week to allow students to investigate the principles of soundwaves. There are more features/AR triggers with this app that I will talk about in my next tutorial.

In the 21st century classroom: Students can see the shape of knowledge, Students can hear the shape of knowledge, students can TOUCH the shape of knowledge.

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