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A blend of visions…

Apparmo is an independent  British mobile marketing company, but the story didn’t start here…

                                                                                                                                In March 2012 a small group of American friends decided to branch out on their own in the virgin mobile marketing arena…very soon they were joined by an Englishman and Yo2mo was born….

Within a few more weeks two more Englishmen arrived in Traverse County, Michigan and the vision grew until it was clear that external finance was required for the mobile marketing company.

Meanwhile, in Wokingham, Berkshire (UK) a small team was also gathering with a view to forming a private investment vehicle for innovative IT projects that needed seed funding.

E6 Growth Solutions Ltd was created and by January 2013 it had acquired a significant stake in TMM Holdings LLC, the US business that owned Yo2mo.

By April 2013 the potential in the UK for a dedicated Mobile Marketing specialist to consult with and guide prominent…

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