Reasons and methods for using virtual environments

LAVREB Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior


5 tips for video tutorials and 3D simulations

In 1911, Arthur Brisbane’s quote “a picture is worth thousand words” appeared in a newspaper article.Today more than 100 years later, everyone has the means to show pictures at rates of 60 per second and magnify the value of their communication. The readily accessible means to communicate our ideas with video images is one of our greatest resources. Video images, like water, flow through our daily lives, conveying historic, entertaining, and sometimes life-saving information. This visual and aural stream enables us to absorb and visualize concepts with greater speed, capacity and understanding. If you have a need to explain a complex idea visually in a short amount of time, then you are probably thinking about making a video tutorial. Virtual environments are great places to make a video tutorial or video-based 3D simulation. ….[READ]

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