Let’s get the “Social Media record” straight!

Verses In Motion Media

lets get the record straight

Let’s face it, not everybody feels the same about Social Media… Internet is a jungle and it can be a very confusing place, with blurry “news lines”, publicity pop ups, invites to monthly payments for “the next amazing online service” and distorted information. It can also become dangerous, like a sort of “catfish” net ready to swallow us.

Social Media can become very stressful  too. Think about the anxiety to be liked, approved, followed, “stumbled upon” and that irrational race towards the “best post ever”, not to mention the amount of “like me” and I will “like you” or “follow me”, “comment on my page”, “read my post”, “buy my book”, “listen to my music”, notice a pattern building up here?… Imperative! All seems like a push and nobody likes to be pushed.


Social Media is actually a social activity, it’s all about “being social”…

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