Social Media: “Are you human?”

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Social Media: “Are you human?”

Are You Human? SM

This is not one of those pieces about Social Media miseducation and the degradation of real human interactions. (Blah blah blah … Boring).  And it’s not a “remix” or remake of the fab 1980′s pop track by The Buggles.

Actually @ #mercuriosocialmedia we don’t believe the hype!  – Social Media definitely did not kill the “human star” – and this article is an inspired answer to a tweet with a simple question, sent as a ‘@‘mention  to myTwitter account: “Are you human?” …

Legitimate question, if you think, that so many of our actions online receive automated and automatic replies and responses, most commonly on twitter!

Big brands have fallen into the “automation” trap and some, have failed miserably with their social media strategy. Clients do not want to receive a reply which is “the copy of the copy of the copy” of a…

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