3D Printing and Fashion


If I was to tell you that in 5 years from today you could print your own shoes, jewellery and clothes at home, would that make you feel like you’d be living in a fairytale?

Well, it looks like your fairytale is true. The new era of fashion is here, with new materials, new designs, new concepts…. New mentality!

Let’s admit it, 3D printers are here to stay and they are more than your boyfriend’s geeky toy… They are the sewing machines of the 21st century.

Nervous-System-Kinematics-7-dresses-600x585Iris van Herpen - 3D fashiondezeen_3D-printed-dress-by-Michael-Schmidt-and-Francis-Bitonti_10melissas2monocircus-3d-printed-bow-tie674x501_1463487_1739803_138584085620130410-London-School-of-Fashion-3D-Printing-Cover

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