Don’t judge a book by its cover!


We love the creative universe!

Check this out: this is one of the cover photos of the eBook “Verses In Motion” poetry by LauraLME, photography by Anna Simi…

VIM new cover for AR APP

       … Now watch the video: the same beautiful eBook cover becomes a unique AR experience! 

To learn more about Augmented Reality endless possibilities for your art, publishing, music production/project by Apparmo and KlipAR…  

Connect with us!  Join our web community ! We really value your feedback. If you’re seeking a mobile solution that you haven’t seen on our site, let us know… We can usually source it for you!

Download KlipAR,  the  new Apparmo AR app & experience Augmented Reality and its endless possibilities for promoting your brand, enhancing your customers’ experience.


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With KlipAR you can enjoy the AR solutions by @ApparmoAR 

These are some of our Newest Projects 


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