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Innovative Mobile Solutions

We deliver a wide range of solutions that help businesses promote and monetise their brands via smart devices.

 Below are a few generic examples, contact us for more information.
​Consultancy – We have a range of scalable consultancy packages designed to help  identify the right mobile marketing strategy for you, leading with AR. We don’t just consult though – we design, deliver & support ensuring a seamless, stress free transition to customer & staff engagement via their smartphones and tablets.

Augmented Reality (AR) – User Image Recoginition Software ‘klips’ digital content such as video clips or 3D animation to real life ‘triggers’ such as documents, logos, buildings & packaging.

AR advertising is an excellent user friendly way of engaging with customers via their smart devices. Once you have entertained & inspired them, loyalty based mobile marketing should evolve naturally with customers opting in to more interuptive initiatives.

NFC – Near Field Communication is a…

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