Eco-friendly, EkoCycle Cube 3D Printer


Chief creative officer and former frontman of Black Eyed Peas, reveals the latest in 3D printing technology.  Teaming up with Coca-Cola and 3D Systems, together, the three introduces the Ekocycle Cube.  Taking the same boxy design as 3D Systems’ Cube 3, the EkoCycle Cube sports a flashy red interior, ultra sleek design with touch screen modules that includes Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi capabilities.  But more importantly, the Ekocycle Cube is an emerging technology that uses partial eco-friendly filaments – the substance that are used to print objects.  Each filament cartridge contains three post-consumer PET plastic bottles, roughly about 25 percent recycled material.  The newly developed filament is odorless and has a less tendency to warp, in turn, providing high quality printed objects. With filaments offered in black, red, white and ‘natural’ colors, consumers can print materials up to 6 cubic inches in volume with a 70-micron resolution — which is finer…

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