Virtual working for a better life

LAVREB Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior


How VR and Augmented Reality Are Transforming the Workplace

Nearly a century ago, science fiction author Stanley G. Weinbaum envisioned a pair of goggles that allowed wearers to immerse all five senses in a virtual entertainment. These days, virtual reality headsets, eyeglass computers and augmented reality apps are more fact than fiction, and business leaders are hard at work developing uses for the technology. A few major companies are already experimenting with today’s VR and AR gear, and the results have been encouraging. Check out how these immersive and augmentative technologies are helping shape the office paradigms of tomorrow. Bloomberg’s infinite terminal. The standard Bloomberg terminal has a science-fiction feel to it already, in that it’s essentially a high-finance version of the computer on the Starship Enterprise. Now, one Bloomberg employee is working to bring an even more unearthly element to the company’s big moneymaker. …..[READ]

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