VIM Digital Features: “Echo connect, the evolution of the cable”

Verses In Motion Media

VIM Digital Features: ECHO connect

On my desk now…

Echo VIM Digital Photography by @VersesInMotion (c) All Rights Reserved

In this photo: “VersesInMotion/Absolute*Gravity corset cuff bracelet” and “VersesInMotion Double Finger Ring” by @MerCuriosJewelsMerCurios on Etsy

Great way to start the weekend! At VIM we are very excited as we just got our ECHO connect keys. No need to remember or “buy last minute” cables and chargers for our iPhone 5 and Android. Now we can stop stressing about wires and electricity to keep ourselves and our smartphones “empowered!”

Read And Discover more about Echo Keys…

10365808_659204670819281_6891277096602892537_n20140520075154-collageHero image linkedin group ECHO

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