3D-Printed Fashion

The Fashion Foot

While they are grand achievements on their own, advancements in science and technology are obvious catalysts of innovation for other fields. The fashion industry benefits greatly from the new ideas and devices that emerge every year. The three-dimensional printer is a relatively new device that can be utilized by designers to create pieces and prototypes.

3D Printing Pic 1

Though the technology for the 3D printer began to be developed in the 1980s, mainstream use of it didn’t begin until as recently as 2005. The device expands upon traditional two-dimensional printing by inkjets and laser printers by allowing a user to print on more than one plane and from different directions. Instructions and blueprints for printing can be developed manually and programmed in or can be the result of input from a 3D scanner.

With this technology, a designer could more quickly and efficiently take a prototype from a sketch or digital rendering and…

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