Creating an affordable and innovative landscape with 3D printing

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Years ago, home 3D printing was seen as just a passing technological fad. Though hobbyist printers were never thought of as being able to create high-end products, earlier this year, new waves of affordable and accessible 3D printers have opened the doors for this fad to become a mainstay in tech culture.


According to ZDNet, Adobe’s inclusion of 3D printing models into the Photoshop CC has enabled an unprecedented creative mentality to be adopted by the Maker community. Adrian Mars details that before Adobe’s inclusion of the new platform into Photoshop, many ‘slicers’ or programs that converted 3D models into printer instructions were community created and inherently basic. With Adobe’s large organizational support of the medium, it was obvious that 3D printing was no longer a passing fad .

“With costs decreasing and usability improving, together with the ability to print at ever finer resolutions in a fast-growing range of materials, affordable…

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