How to surprise people at a bus stop

LAVREB Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior

Augmented reality gives physical world a virtual dimension

Physical objects are often static and dumb, offering little interactivity to the curious observer. Which is why the potential of augmented reality (AR) – virtual enhancement of the physical – is getting business excited. Retailers, advertisers and industry are all now using the technology, which overlays computer-generated content – video, graphics, text, sound or GPS data – on to real-world images captured by smartphones, tablets and hi-tech glasses. The results can sometimes be startling. Pepsi Max’s recent “Unbelievable” ad campaign, devised by agency AMV BBDO, made people waiting at a bus stop think they were seeing marauding giant robots, charging tigers and flying saucers in the street beyond. The trick was achieved by rigging up a bus shelter in London’s Oxford Street with a full HD screen and a camera on the opposite side to create a see-through effect. ….[READ]

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