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Artificial Intelligence, Hiring & You

Tech Hiring Blog

techhiringblog_jan20172Recently, I read an article. The author of this article, Recruitment industry will DIE in 2018, threw some light on how Machine Learning is picking up and thus, how many organizations are opting to use it to make their hiring seamless. We, recruiters, need to evolve and prepare ourselves for this change if we want to remain relevant. Some very good examples were cited by the author and; as expected; there were mixed reactions from the readers. Few agreed and others had a different perspective on this.

This article forced me to think about my future. I also had discussions about it with many professionals who are well informed and insightful about the recruitment process. Eventually, we decided to conduct an experiment with few of the open positions that we had. Our thought was to evaluate candidates on different parameters, just like how a computer program would. We created…

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The Industry’s First Social VR Feature For Recording And Sharing Your Reaction To Immersive Media

Virtual Perceptions

Zeality, the industry’s first immersive media platform to bridge the gap between VR content, social engagement, and commerce, introduces Re/Lives.  Re/Lives, also known as reaction videos, is an innovative patent-pending feature delivering a unique way to record and share your viewing experience within a 360 video.  The feature will allow companies and media brands to drive fan engagement in markets such as Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, News and Media and more.

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