Highly Competent # (selected)

We have recently created a group of professionals on LinkedIn

Highly Competent < 

Many high calibre professionals from IT industry, Media, Marketing PR, Sales and other fields have been selected as members.

What do they have in common?

Read the following and ask yourself ARE YOU HIGHLY COMPETENT? 

Going about business in a professional manner and with integrity. To respect and honour promises as much as possible. To give out high service levels which warrant a positive recommendation as confirmation of the value we have added during every step.

 competent professionals aiming high, pride in quality#

 competent   • adjective 

  1. having the necessary skill or knowledge to do something successfully. 
  2. satisfactory or adequate, though not outstanding: she spoke quite competent French. 
  3. having legal authority to deal with a particular matter. 

  — DERIVATIVES competently adverb. 

  — ORIGIN from Latin competere in the sense ‘be fit or proper’.



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