IT Recruitment Solutions


We provide specialist IT recruitment services across Permanent, contingency, managed services and campaign-based recruitment, hardware solutions and translations within the languages of English, French and Italian. When dealing with a new client we will firstly appoint a management consultant to analyze their requirement before advising on which approach to adopt. This we be flexible and adapt over time in line with the client’s recruitment requirements, combining ongoing contingency methods with campaign recruitment when necessary.


Our EMEA database holds the details of over 150,000 IT professionals and is governed by our data protection policy. This ensures all candidates are aware that we hold their details and are happy for us to do so. Our database allows for extremely focused searching and also operates a sophisticated Management Information System to enable accurate reporting as and when required.


Advertising is one of our main methods of attracting candidates and our advertising strategy is devised accordingly. We utilize a mixture of online and traditional paper-based medium and also carry out various brand awareness initiatives.

We are constantly re-assessing strategy in line with current market trends.

We also conduct advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. This involves taking control of the whole campaign from initial consultations on media mix and placement, through copy writing and design to handling of response and placement. Our advertising presence allows us to pass huge cost reductions onto our clients.

Headhunting and Referrals #

Headhunting and Referrals is our other main method of attracting candidates. This allows us a competitive edge over other agencies, allowing our client’s access to candidates that are not available through other agencies and advertising. We offer a referrals scheme to candidates in order to develop a database of what we regard the top 10% of candidates in their chosen field.

Account Management

We have an independent account management function that focuses purely on the development of both new and existing client relationships. Each Account Manager takes responsibility for individual clients and focuses on ensuring delivery to that account whilst maintaining a high quality of service.

Service Level Agreements

Metrorec has service level agreements in place with all key clients and see them as being central to maintaining a successful relationship. We offer a full consultative service whereby in-depth sessions are held with the client when terms and issues such as best practice are discussed resulting in a fully bespoke agreement for each individual client.

Volume Requirements

Metrorec undertake a volume requirement as a full end-to-end service, through all stages of the recruitment process through to subsequent onsite management and interviewing if required.

Sole / Managed Agency

Metrorec have both exclusive, managed agency and master vendor agreements in place with many of our clients. We can completely manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf, via a dedicated recruiter either onsite or remotely. This would include the sourcing of candidates, through all pre-screening and technical testing to 1st interview stage if required.

Executive Search

At Metrorec we believe that Executive Search should only be adopted for specific positions. We employ specialist, trained researchers who follow strict internal guidelines to ensure compliance to best practice. It is very much a consultative service whereby consultations are held with the client at every stage of the process to ensure maximum success.



A detailed discussion of the opportunity with the client, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirement

The creation of a presentation on the client, to deliver to potential candidates ensuring the opportunity is presented in the best possible manner.

Identification of all companies from where candidates can be sources.

Identification of all potential candidates within these organizations who have profiles matching the client’s requirements.

Identification of existing candidates held on the file that also match the stated requirements.

First Approach

Targeted direct confidential presentations made to all appropriate candidates identified during the preparation process.

Initial telephone discussions to those showing suitable interest in the opportunity, to assess whether there is a possibility of reciprocal attraction.

Telephone Screening

Open discussion to clarify candidate’s motivation to move, career aspirations, desired financial package, inclination to re-locate and susceptibility to counter offer.


Face to face interview where regionally possible for 40-45 minutes, again to qualify candidate has correct skills, suitable personal attributes and the necessary commitment to make a move to a new company.

Presentation of opportunity and client profile to candidate.

Client and Candidate Preparation for Interview

Presentation of candidate to client, including details on specific areas to be discussed during the interview and mutual selling points. The unique preparation involves at this stage allows the client to appeal directly to high achieving individuals who may not otherwise be considering new opportunities.

Further discussions with candidate to promote the career opportunity and to ensure they have all salient information prior to interview.

Post-Interview Discussion

Re-confirm candidate’s interest in the role, unearth any concerns and ensure the vacancy represents a better prospect than their current role.

Re-qualification on potential reasons for moving, salary aspirations and counter-offer prospects.

Reference Checking

Detailed references taken on candidate for clarification on duties and responsibilities in previous position, strength’s and potential weaknesses and the ability to interact with other members of staff.

Offer and Acceptance

Presentation of offer of employment and clarification of commitment to accept prior to written offer. Metrorec will facilitate the offer process by acting as a third-party mediator between client and candidate, thereby ensuring that the expectations of the candidate are compatible with the package being offered.

Management of Resignation

Detailed discussions held to re-confirm candidate’s original concerns at his current company and the reasons as to why the opportunity represents a better career choice.

Resignation counseling to avoid prospects of counter offer (the candidate will already be prepared for this scenario from the start in order to avoid any last-minute departures from the process).

Post-Acceptance Management

Continual discussions and liaison to ensure a smooth transition before and after joining the company.



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